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China opens the world's first self driving high-speed railway

time :2020-01-16 author : from: scanning : classify :Industrial news
China\'s fast-growing high-speed rail industry has passed another milestone: the Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, which was put into operation before the new year, is the first high-speed railway in the world with automatic driving function.

According to Chinese media reports, on December 30, 2019, the Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway independently designed and constructed by China was put into operation. The total length of the railway is 174 km, the construction time is 4 years, and the maximum design speed is 350 km / h. After opening, the travel time from Beijing to Zhangjiakou has been shortened from 3 hours to 47 minutes.

Of particular concern is that the "Fuxing" EMU running on this line can automatically drive at 350 km / h, becoming the world's first "intelligent high-speed train". Chinese media quoted railway officials as saying that "automatic driving" is not driverless. The driver is on duty all the way. Only start, stop, acceleration and deceleration between stations and other fixed steps can be completed by automatic operation.

Other "intelligent" measures include passengers "brushing their faces" to get in and out of the station without barriers, intelligent robot navigation and moving luggage for passengers, etc. In addition, the new high-speed railway uses Beidou satellite navigation system and GIS technology independently developed by China.

There are 10 stations on the Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway, and Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou are all venues for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. In addition, Badaling Great Wall, one of the most important tourist attractions in Beijing, is also one of the stops.

According to the number of trains listed on the official website of Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway, at present, there are nearly 30 sets of bullet trains going back and forth between Beijing and Zhangjiakou every day, of which 6 are "intelligent high speed railway". The full fare of ordinary high-speed rail is between 77 yuan and 231 yuan, and that of intelligent high-speed rail is between 90 yuan and 270 yuan.

Mo Zhisong, director of the signaling Department of the Ministry of industry and electricity of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd., said in an exclusive interview with surging journalists that automatic driving is of great significance for improving operation quality, ensuring transportation efficiency and reducing operation cost. Why the Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway is chosen for automatic driving is related to the characteristics of the railway, such as slope, tunnel, etc.

According to another media analysis, the opening of the Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway is part of the infrastructure construction of the 2020 Beijing Winter Olympics. According to reports, some trains are equipped with media compartments specially designed for the Winter Olympic Games. Each seat is equipped with a power plug and a workbench, as well as a space for placing interview equipment. There are also places specially designed for skiers to place skiing equipment.

Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway is of great significance in Chinese history. It is the first railway to be surveyed, designed and constructed by China itself. It was built by Zhan Tianyou, a Chinese railway engineer, and opened to traffic in 1909. It has a history of 110 years.