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Greta Thunberg and German Railway

time :2020-01-16 author : from: scanning : classify :Industrial news
Today, people watching German news are paying close attention to one thing, which is insignificant: Greta Thunberg (hereinafter referred to as Greta), a Swiss environmental girl, chose to return to Sweden by train from Madrid, Spain, via Germany after attending the 2019 UN climate change conference.

On the way from Basel, Switzerland to Gottingen, Germany, the girl sent an English tweet and a picture sitting on the ground:

"Crossing Germany on a full train, I am finally on my way home! "

Greta also responded to Deutsche Bahn's second response:

"The train we had planned to take from Basel was cancelled. So we sat on the ground on the transfer train. I had a seat after Gottingen. Of course, there is no problem at all. I didn't say it is a problem. A full seat is good news, because it means a lot of demand! "

This incident caused a great stir in the German media circle. Those who supported German Railway said that they had always had a position on the German railway, while those who supported Greta said that those who did not sit on the ground in the corridor of the German railway did not count as having taken the German railway, especially after a series of irregularities such as late arrival / cancellation / platform change of the German railway. The major media reports in Germany also focus on "public relations disaster of this incident of German Railway", "unsatisfactory service of German railway should be improved", "customer information leaked by German Railway", etc.