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New method for heat treatment on wheels

time :2020-06-12 author : from: scanning : classify :Company news
Abrasiv resistance and hardness are always headache for wheels, which neeed to br revised on heat treatment, our engineer found new method for optimizing the capacity and extand wheels life span

After repeated study, test, exprience, We have adopted a new heat treatment method that can improve the wear resistance and hardness of the train wheels and avoid cracks. The processed products have the advantages of good hardness and good wear resistance. The heat treatment method for train wheels is used for quenching train wheels with carbon content of 0.72%-0.77%. The heat treatment steps are: heating the train wheels to be treated to the austenitizing temperature range , Insulation; when cooling, first use water vapor to cool, when the train wheel is cooled to 350-670 ℃, use a large amount of continuous water flow to force the surface of the train wheel to spray water cooling.