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Common plating methods for bolts

time :2020-09-29 author : from: scanning : classify :Industrial news

In the production of furniture bolts, in order to achieve certain goals and make furniture bolts richer in performance, they usually choose to coat the surface. This will not only greatly increase the service life of furniture bolts, but also ensure that the It plays a bigger role when using furniture bolts; then what are the commonly used methods of adding plating?

1. Electroplating. In this process, the place that needs to be electroplated is placed in an aqueous solution containing metal, and then electroplated by electric current. The electroplated metal can be selected according to needs. In the selection process, it is necessary to analyze whether it can be closely connected with the wire. together.

Second, mechanical plating, mainly using metal powder, through some physical means or chemical means to combine to produce the coating.

3. Hot-dip galvanizing, furniture screws need to be coated into the plating tank of molten zinc with a heat of about 510 to cause passivation. Such a coating can improve the performance of high-strength bolts, and is deeply loved by fastener companies. Favor.