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What is the forging process of wheel forgings

time :2020-10-10 author : from: scanning : classify :Industrial news

The forging process is currently widely used in some forging and forging and mechanical engineering in our country. It is a way to apply pressure to metal blanks for processing, and has a great advantage in processing metal ingredients.

  In general, the main components of forging materials are carbon steel and alloy steel, in addition to some other alloys. In the forging process, a very important concept is often involved, called the forging ratio. The forging ratio refers to the ratio of the cross-sectional area of the metal before deformation to the cross-sectional area after deformation. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and choose a reasonable forging ratio before forging. In addition, for the forging process, reasonable heating, temperature and holding time, as well as a reasonable amount of deformation and deformation speed have a very large relationship with the quality of the forging process. Therefore, these indicators are all issues that everyone needs to consider during the forging process.

  During the forging process, the heating of the blank should be recorded, because heating is an important part of temperature control. For example, the heating and cooling methods of the first, middle and late stages of the object are very important. If there is a mistake, it will Lead to the failure of forging. Therefore, in the forging process, the temperature control of each period should be recorded in detail, and the operation should be strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements, so as to maximize the probability of forging a good price.

  In the process of forging process, everyone also knows that drawing and formulating wheel forging drawings is the first task that needs to be completed. Because in this process, the wheel forging drawing is an important basis for compiling forging process design tools and some major tasks. At the same time, it will become the main reference material in future work. In addition, everyone needs to pay attention to that the metal ingredients must be heat treated after forging. The main purpose of heat treatment is to eliminate the forging stress, which can reduce the surface hardness of the forged product and prevent its deformation. In the forging process, it is also necessary to adjust the overheating and coarse structure formed by the wheel forgings in this process. This is mainly to reduce the unevenness of the internal chemical composition and metallographic structure of these organizations, and play a role in refining the grains.

  The design drawings are generally designed before the process, and in the production process, as long as the forging is made according to the corresponding drawings. Therefore, before the forging of the wheel forgings, the design of the drawings must be very accurate without any mistakes. At the same time, some errors generated in the production process need to be considered. After all, most of the objects are forged now, there will always be a little error. Yes, all we can do is reduce this error. Finally, the heat treatment records of the wheel forgings and the hot dial recording paper should be delivered to the user with the product. This is also necessary, because it is necessary to at least confirm that the object is correct and meets the requirements, so that the subsequent operations can be continued.