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Why do the wheels of the wheel set tilt slightly

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When using the wheel set, it is often found that the steering wheels of the wheel set will tilt slightly outward when the device is installed. However, the range of this outward tilt is generally not large. The main function is to ensure the stability of the wheel set and make it more stable. It can be made into lifting equipment to better improve the supporting ability of the wheel set.

The steering wheel camber of the wheel set can improve the safety of the wheels when working. The camber of the wheel can produce a component of force along the axis of the steering knuckle, forcing the wheels of the wheel set to press against the inner shaft, reducing the pressure on the fixed nut at the outer end of the steering knuckle. The camber angle of the steering wheel of the wheel set can also offset the effect of the deformation of the front axle due to overload, or offset the looseness of the steering knuckle rolling bearing, the main platinum sliding bearing and the bushing, and avoid the steering wheel inversion. When the wheel set is turned inward, the outer bearing is under pressure too much, which increases the risk of knuckle fracture and the steering is heavy. Therefore, the steering wheel of the wheel set is never allowed to tilt inward (negative camber). After the steering knuckle is assembled, the end of the wheel axle head of the wheel set should be downward, and the steering wheel should also be camber.

The above is the reason why the wheels of the wheel set are slightly tilted, and because of the above reasons, the use of the wheel set will become more safe.

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