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Industry dynamics

International agencies predict that the global high-speed rail market will be approximately $133 billion in 2019.

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People's Daily on June 30th In recent years, the competition between China and Japan in the world high-speed rail project has become increasingly fierce, and Spain may also join the competition. According to reports, in the rectification of the internal and external market prosperity, the Spanish National Railway finally announced in 2016 that it turned into a profit in 2015. As the former leader of the industry, the Spanish National Railways began to look at the rapid development of the high-speed rail market after the cultivation of good internal strength.

Pablo Vazquez, executive chairman of the Spanish National Railways, said that it is no coincidence that companies from China and Japan have become the leading bidders in the current international high-speed rail project. “The Spanish national railway needs to participate in such competition,” Vazquez said. “There are only a handful of countries in the world with experience in running high-speed rail networks, and Spain is one of them.” For operators, builders and suppliers, The potential high-speed rail market is undoubtedly a huge "cake."
According to the data of the International Railway Union, the high-speed railway track under construction in the world is 15,790 kilometers, and the planned high-speed track is 35061 kilometers.
According to a recent study published by the American consulting firm Boston Consulting Group, the total value of the global high-speed rail market in 2019 is about $133 billion, up from $112 billion in 2014. However, until now, the Spanish national railway has a limited share in foreign markets. In 2011, the Spanish National Railways received a 12-year contract to operate the new line of Mecca in Medina in Saudi Arabia. The Spanish National Railways is currently also involved in bidding for high-speed rail contracts in Brazil and Mexico. Vazquez said, "We should especially enter the Latin American country."
       Looking ahead, the realization of railway bus services in major cities in China has just begun.
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