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Company Profile

Maanshan Leomon Energy-Saving Technology Co. LTD, former and upgrade from Maanshan King Rail Parts Trading Co., Ltd,is a company that specialized in making and supplying rail fasteners, track materials and train spares.

Strength products such as gears, wheels, axles and wheelset, used for train, wagon, locomotives, engineer vehicles, mining cars, etc.

Fasteners such as screw spikes, bolts,nuts, pin used for engineering, rail.

Track materials such as tie plates, fish plates, rail, pads, etc.

Over 10 years experience, Kingrail spread products over 15 countries like USA, Germany, UK, Brazil, India,Kenya, South Africa.

Put customer concern in priority, Kingrail not only sell products, but also concern customer care. Strong technical support, full after sell service, clear all worries for customer.